Return down for specific api status code

i install heartbeat and need to check if it the api return 500 status code , it will return down , else the heartbeat will return up
so it's something like Not (check.response.status: [500]) rather than check response code
so any one know the syntax for this

Hi @amr_ibrahim

Welcome to the community?

Did you take a look here :

Lots of options, does your API return JSON? Perhaps look at that section, there are some sample syntax.

And use these conditions

Hello @stephenb,
no it's not contain json i try alot of example and it fail , here is the right configuration only worked for me but some cases it's fail so i need to change
check.response.status: [200,400,401,403,409,404] with
not check.response.status: [500] so can you provide me the right syntax for that

 - type: http
  name: MCI_API_one
  enabled: true
  schedule: "@every 5m"
  urls: ["http://url"]
  check.response.status: [200,400,401,403,409,404]
    method: GET

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