Http loadbalancers vs smart elasticsearch loadblalncers

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There is elasticsearch cluster and app running on elastic size webfarm
which need to access the elasticsearch cluster.

Initially I was thinking to run haproxy locally on each webserver in the
But running elasticsearch with no data as smart loadbalancer is very
So I want to under stand if it's a good idea to run it in the following

I want to run elasticsearch with set to false on each
webserver node.
From documentation it is not clear which role these nodata
elasticsearch nodes play in Gateway module recovery.

Say there is a cluster of 3 nodes with replication=1 and

type: local
recover_after_nodes: 2
recover_after_time: 1m
expected_nodes: 3

Since the nodata elasticsearch nodes is dynamic and it's also not clear
if such nodes have effect on the recovery, is the above gateway
configuration stays the same or should be changed?

Any other issues I need to consider?


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