What is the parameter for an NTML type authentication using HTTP POLLER?.
I need to verify the response of many websites but first I must go through the NTML authentication.
I appreciate your help!

If you go to a site that support NTLM in a browser that doesn't support NTLM (eg. Firefox; earlier Chrome), you should find that username/password will be supported.

So username and password authentication should normally work. There is no NTLM / integrated-auth functionality.

However, I've done some similar sort of things before (not with Logstash) whereby I needed to get some data from websites that implemement various styles of SSO. For this, I would suggest using Selenium in a Docker container (makes maintainance a breeze; you don't need to worry about setting up a browser with webdriver) and use some Python (or whatever you prefer) to drive your Selenium through whatever sign-in process you need. Then you can get the page you need, and throw that to logstash (or to a queue for logstash to pick up).

This is the approach I'm taking with our application monitoring internally at work; although logstash isn't involved in that, but it certainly works nicely. I haven't used it with NTLM though; but there are certainly pointers online.

Hope that helps,

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