Http_poller with kerberos / NTLM authentication

Hi all,

I need to collect data from a server through http_poller (http and not https)
I've tried with basic authent (login/pwd) but, of course, it failed (I can connect to the web server with this login/pwd with SSO)

The error message is explicit : the authentication has to be done with Kerberos and if it fails there is a second chance with NTLM.

Have you any idea of how I can configure my logstash ? Do I need certificate or something like that ?
Is there any chance with the 'exec' plugin instead ?

Logstash 2.4.0

Thanks for your help !

Hi all,

I have resolved my problem by using the exec filter.

Logstash executes a curl command with --ntlm and --netrc options.

It works fine, I'm still interested in a solution with http_poller if somebody has it.