Hello, I'm using Elasticsearch, logstash, and filebeat, all v6.4.1. So for the noted link, I am working on getting through the tutorial and I found that the following lines give an error (DEPRECATED: prospectors are deprecated, Use 'inputs' instead. Will be removed in version: 7.0.0:


  • type: log
    • /path/to/file/logstash-tutorial.log
      hosts: ["localhost:5044"]

I was just hoping that whomever modifies the pages that for 6.4(current) that they would update "filebeat.prospectors" to "filebeat.inputs" to save others some time troubleshooting this issue.


Eloy Sanchez

Seems like this one slipped by. Thank you for the reminder.

You're welcome,

The link still shows as "filebeat.prospectors" (as of 10/10/18).

Have a great weekend,

Eloy Sanchez

Active PR updating docs and other references in progress:

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