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Hello, I'm using Elasticsearch, logstash, and filebeat, all v6.4.1. So for the noted link, I am working on getting through the tutorial and I found that the following lines give an error (DEPRECATED: prospectors are deprecated, Use 'inputs' instead. Will be removed in version: 7.0.0:


  • type: log
    • /path/to/file/logstash-tutorial.log
      hosts: ["localhost:5044"]

I was just hoping that whomever modifies the pages that for 6.4(current) that they would update "filebeat.prospectors" to "filebeat.inputs" to save others some time troubleshooting this issue.


Eloy Sanchez

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Seems like this one slipped by. Thank you for the reminder.

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You're welcome,

The link still shows as "filebeat.prospectors" (as of 10/10/18).

Have a great weekend,

Eloy Sanchez

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Active PR updating docs and other references in progress:

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