HttpStatus conversion to integer

Dear All,
I created a custom filebeat 7.8.x module to load log data into Elastic .
I created a pipeline to manage logs.
I was able to convert datetime convert DATA into float
But I'm trying to convert httpStatusCode into Integer but I always receive data in string format.

Pattern :  req_time=%{DATA:requesttime}


        "convert" : {
          "field" : "requesttime",
          "type" : "float",
          "on_failure" : [
                "set" : {
                   "field" : "requesttime",
                   "value": -1

the same approach works for other three fields.
I tried also to convert directly in to the pattern

Pattern :  req_time=%{NUMBER:requesttime:float}

but also this solution does not work

Any advice?
best regards

Are these logstash configurations or ingest node configurations? Where does this convert function get run? Maybe ask in logstash orelasticsearch channels?

this configuration is ingest node configuration, the conversion is into pipeline, that manage logs

Can you provide a sample document?

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