Hyphen-minus with a new line

Hi , I'm trying to grok log with a multiple lines and Hyphen-minus and got stuck

2020-06-10 10:06:59,821 WARN [ImageFilterEffect:thread-1] [confluence.image.effects.ImageFilterTask] rotateWhenExifExist Could not retrieve exif info.
 -- url: /confluence/download/attachments/125736733/hardware%20certification.jpg | referer: https://wiki.checkpoint.com/confluence/ | traceId: 031d85ca5d5db288 | userName: roniz

here "-- url" is already a new line

my grok filter is

(?m)%{TIMESTAMP_ISO8601:timestamp} %{LOGLEVEL:level} \[%{DATA:thread}\] \[%{DATA}\] %{SPACE}%{WORD}%{SPACE}%{DATA:Error}\. 

please need your assistance .


I don't know about your multiline configuration and intended use case (what to do with the second line with hyphen - minus. " -- url: ..." line.

Anyway, there is a blank space before the %{SPACE}%{WORD}%{SPACE} so your pattern looks for 2 spaces before a word instead of just 1.

You can check it https://grokconstructor.appspot.com/do/match , it's a good idea to start adding elements one by one to your pattern and confirm that they are working as intended.

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