Hyphens tokens duplicate terms!


I have two docs:

  1. Word:"apple-apple "
  2. Word:"apple-carrot"

And i want this way:
1When i type: "apple-apple" see only apple-apple
When i typing "apple" see both
And when typing "apple carrot" see only apple-carrot
Is it possible?
I try wordelimitre indextime and get only
'Apple-apple',apple,apple ,appleapple
How i can here change hyphen to space?
Just get apple-apple,apple apple,apple,apple)


Easy solution to have two analyzers for two fields, but i am not sure it will work like i want

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Did you look at the prefix query, if possible ?



If i will use this query, then i must to know all of possible prefix , it is not possible(((
any way thanks

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