I am receiving master not discovered or elected yet

I was trying to renew the node_pem certificate for the nodes in the elasticsearch cluster and the cluster became unavailable

in the logs i can see :
[master_10.118.12.10] master not discovered or elected yet, an election requires at least 2 nodes with ids from [_TOgCmXVSmOxf1Y0SQLmmA, 8J8HixVFRLu-XrAeZDWHBg, XqddOB4MQ2e2uMzP4SgJdA], have discovered [{master_10.118.12.10}{XqddOB4MQ2e2uMzP4SgJdA}{ZtFdSfz7RzmKvYhYaPIPSA}{}{}{im}{availability_zone=eu-central-1c}] which is not a quorum; discovery will continue using [,,,,,,,] from hosts providers and [{master_10.118.12.10}{XqddOB4MQ2e2uMzP4SgJdA}{ZtFdSfz7RzmKvYhYaPIPSA}{}{}{im}{availability_zone=eu-central-1c}] from last-known cluster state; node term 2, last-accepted version 324193 in term 2

How many nodes do you have in your Cluster and how many master-nodes?
Are all of this nodes started?


Three master , and 2 data nodes.

all nodes are running. But master not discovered or elected.

ok, do all nodes show this error?
Are there any other errors in the logs?

All the master nodes are showing this error.

Ok, please post some surrounding logs not only this particular error

master not discovered yet, [cluster.initial_master_nodes] is empty on this node: have discovered [{master_10.118.12.202}{5fxSnVSnRtOGIVOaypGu5Q}{Os0HpkSqQ4mbC_vrm0OU0A}{}{}{im}{availability_zone=eu-central-1c}]; discovery will continue using [,,,,,,,] from hosts providers and [{master_10.118.12.202}{5fxSnVSnRtOGIVOaypGu5Q}{Os0HpkSqQ4mbC_vrm0OU0A}{}{}{im}{availability_zone=eu-central-1c}]

It looks like you have OpenDistro installed so you may want to ask on their forum.

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