I can not view sensor data

I receive this logstash data but I do not know how to visualize them together, in the same vizulization. With the concrete data that gives me

id_secret:408425467 raw:noraw parser_type:1 frame_type:128 frame_number:203 id_wasp:Waspmote_PRO tags:_dateparsefailure @timestamp:November 30th 2016, 11:31:25.789 @version:1 sensor:TCA id:2016-11-29 17:32:52 value:22.26 timestamp:November 29th 2016, 17:32:52.000 _id:2016-11-29 17:32:52 _type:logs _index:audit-2016.11.30 _score:

Could you elaborate a bit more on what you're trying to do?

I am taking data from a Mysql database that with logstash plug-in JDBC and I send them to elasticsearch and from there to kibana. But I need to do a visualization of this data all together like showing a table, can you do something like this?

Sorry, I still might not understand. If you've set up an index pattern in Kibana, you should be able to view all of your documents in the Discover tab. You can select specific fields to display in columns if you'd like a table view.

Is there more that you need to do beyond what Discover is capable of?

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