I can't access kibana - Select your space


I made my dashboard site using kibana 2 weeks ago, last week I can't access my kibana space.
(elasticsearch & kibana version 7.6.2)
I attached the image file, I can see only this msg " Select your space. You can change your space at any time" I can't see any menu on the left, they're all gone.
I didn't install or any changes, the day before I can see the page but the day after I can't see...
I need some help.

Following are elasticsearch log files(sorry, I can't write here because they are too long), please see and advice me what is the problem.


And also let me now how can I restore my kibana dashboard.
Thank you so much!

[2020-05-14T11:04:54,918][INFO ][o.e.c.m.MetaDataDeleteIndexService] [ip-***-**-**-**] [.kibana_1/lXwfUazBRbCMwoBxoZDHjg] deleting index

Is your cluster available on the internet, and did you setup access control?

I didn't set up yet.

Then someone has deleted the Kibana index from Elasticsearch because it was exposed to the internet and unsecured.

Thank you for your answer.
I'm not programmer and developer, so I'm not familiar with log analysis.
So, you mean I can't restore my kibana, do I have to reinstall?

Try restarting Kibana, it might recreate the missing index. However any dashboards that you created have been lost.

I already did but it doesn't working. Thank you so much!

Ok try this. Stop Kibana and then run;

curl -X DELETE "localhost:9200/.kibana

Then check if there are any Kibana related indices;

curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" 0:9200/_cat/indices?v | grep -i kibana

If there are any, delete them with something similar to the above command. Then start Kibana.

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