I cant start up Elastic search

When i try startup the elasticsearch i get this error :

./bin/elasticsearch-env: line 77: /volume1/web/elasticsearch/jdk/bin/java: cannot execute binary file: Exec format error

im using Linux nas synology

It seems the Java bundled with Elasticsearch can't be executed. Can you try installing the Synology Java8 package and setting the JAVA_HOME environment variable to point to wherever Synology installs Java, and then try to run Elasticsearch again?

ok Thank you i start it by localhost but if i want to connect by ip i get connect closed !

Can you paste the full Elasticsearch startup log?

Can you connect locally from the Synology command line, e.g. with curl localhost:9200? Not from your computer with http://IP address:9200.

There may also be something networking or firewall related which you're better off asking the Synology NAS community about.

i found this


Thank you

Right, okay, but what happens when you run curl localhost:9200 from the Synology NAS? I'm trying to check if you can even access Elasticsearch locally on the machine it's running on.

I cant install on synology nas coz i have DS411j and that does not support java 8... i get an root from other server and i have resolved my problems...

Ah ok. I'm glad to hear the problem is fixed at least. Can you post how you resolved your problem? It might help someone else :).

Yes sure i forgot...

After i have install java script 11 i have install too elasticsearch in the elasticsearch su network i have put this settings...

# ---------------------------------- Network -----------------------------------

Set the bind address to a specific IP (IPv4 or IPv6):


Set a custom port for HTTP:

http.port: 9200

For more information, consult the network module documentation.

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