I don't know , how to solve this errorr.. , while try to reset the passcode in terminul

./elasticsearch-env: line 86: cd: /etc/elasticsearch: Permission denied ```

86th line  : ``` ES_PATH_CONF = "cd" "$ES_PATH_CONF" ; `pwd` ```


How did you install Elasticsearch? I think you have the wrong user when executing the command. Depending on the installation you need elasticsearch or root user to access /etc/elasticsearch.

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Hi @hari_prabhu

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Please provide

Your installation method

The version number

And the complete command you are running when you experienced that error in the complete errors. Otherwise it's very difficult to help.

i again reinsall it, now i'm got this error like incompatible.

[2023-07-26T10:23:14.634+05:30][ERROR][plugins.interactiveSetup.elasticsearch] Failed compatibility check of host "": This version of Kibana (v8.9.0) is incompatible with the following Elasticsearch nodes in your cluster: v8.8.2 @ (

check anotehr reply in this post, give me a solution to solve this

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