I have 2 index, how to visualize jobs on tile map?

I have 2 index how to visualize jobs on tile map ?

  • index 1: Job, city
  • index 2: city, geo_point

how do I visualize jobs on a tile map ?

Sorry, but you can't join the two indices in Elasticsearch. You'll need to add the geo_point for each job to the job documents.

ok thanks for you answer @spalger
but that's not cool ...
so what technology or script can I use to add the geo point ?
basically each job has a city, and I have a list of cities with the geo point ...

logstash is commonly used to enhance documents as they are indexed into elasticsearch, but can also be used to enhance document that are already in elasticsearch using the elasticsearch input. I'm not certain how it would work, but you might also be able to use the elasticsearch filter to enhance the documents and then the elasticsearch output to index them back into elasticsearch

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