I need to index my field as type=keyword as oppose to type=text

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I need to index my field as type=keyword as oppose to type=text, since I need to create dashboard using the fields which are tagged as type text and I am not able to create one.

Below is my config file:

	file {
		path => "C:/Users/utkarsh.sanadhya/Desktop/elasticsearch_course/Data/logs/Sixteen.txt"
		type => "json"
		start_position => "beginning"

filter {

 dissect { 
     mapping => { "message" => "%{ts} %{+ts} %{+ts} %{a} %{b}: [%{level}][%{c}][%{d}@%{e}: %{msg}" } 
  json { source => "msg" }

    stdout {
		codec => dots

 	elasticsearch {


Below is snippet of my log file:

Dec 26 00:32:50 ServerName mars-auth-capture: [INFO ][mars][auth-capture]@cee: {"profile":"http://cee.mitre.org/1.0-beta1/coreprofile","host":"a.b.c.d","pname":"mars-auth-capture","native":{"request_timestamp":"12/26/18 00:20:46","request_protocol":"HTTP/1.1","request_method":"POST","request_url":"/cgi-bin/WebObjects/tsweb-marsweb.woa/6/wo/rdAc6opdpQoEmV4hnQogPM/2.19.1","**request_header_x_forwarded_for**":"e.f.g.h","request_username":"username","response_header_set_cookie":"rdAc6opdpQoEmV4hnQogPM","response_auth_result":"error occurred"}}

I need to create dashboard using fields request_header_x_forwarded_for and request_username from the log file.

Any help/suggestion is appreciated.


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Edited as directed.


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Note that you need to format just the code part. Not all the text.
I'm editing your posts.

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Did you define a mapping in elasticsearch?

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I have not done anything explicitly. I just sent the logs using logstash. Once my logs were imported, I was trying to create the dashboard but was not able to use the fields.

You want me to delete the log file and then update the mapping as per the desired type? If yes, then m not very sure on how to do it.

(David Pilato) #7

Yes. That's what you need to do.

See https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/reference/current/indices-put-mapping.html

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I indexed my fields manually but now they are not appearing in Discover Tab. I need those fields to create dashboards. I have updated the time filter on top right corner as well. I can see my entry in Management Tab though. Please help.


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You should ask a new question in #kibana and provide more details probably on what you are seeing.

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