I set it to niofs but the performance was too poor

Performance tests were conducted with niofs and hybridfs, but in the case of niofs, 100 TPS hybridfs came out 680 TPS. Why is that?
Do you have any documentation that goes deeper into niofs, mmapfs, and hybridfs? Help me!

The default is hybridfs and that's the recommended one to use. Your benchmarks seem to agree. Why do you want to use something else?


@DavidTurner thank you for the reply. I didn't want to change it, I did a test to see which one would perform better. But because there is so much difference, I'm curious as to why the performance difference between nio and hybrid is so large.

It's complicated, but here's a blog post about it:

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@DavidTurner thank u!!

I have one more question, can you answer this?
There is a link below! Please

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