I want to have a button kind of visualization in the KIBANA dashboard, Can anyone please provide any information on this?

I want to create one button which shows this kind of information in it. If anyone has this kind of solution or information please do help me.
Thank you

Welcome to the community Abhi,

there are multiple ways to achieve that.
You can use Canvas if you want to have a pixel perfect dashboard that enables you to also add those buttons in any style you like.

If you prefer using a classic Kibana dashboard you can do that with Time Series Visual Builder or Vega.

Also you can define so called drill downs when the visualization is placed in a dashboard. This works best with Lens visualizations.

I hope that helps.

Thank you so much Felix for your answers, I will try to follow as you said.

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Hi, Seems like CANVAS won't work for me. I have tried please check the attached picture.
I want to display a button with some custom text on it which changes based on kql queries.
eg. I want "ALARM" text if kql : "field" > 90
"OK" text if kql : "field" < 40
If possible can you please provide me the VEGA documentation or information to create it.

Can you please help me ? I want to have buttons in Kibana with custom status text shown on them which depends on KQL queries.
example = "OK" text should appear on the button if count of records for a KQL query is < 10.
"WARNING" text should appear on the same button if count of records for a kql query is > 40.

And these buttons has to clickable , after clicking user should navigate to a different dashboard.

please let me know if this type of functionality is possible in Kibana . if yes ? how ?
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It will work with canvas and vega.

Where do you struggle in canvas?
Can you post the expression you use in canvas?

Hi, Thank you for the reply. Can you please provide any example expression for the Canvas?

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