I want to restict my Time range as per user


I want to restrict my Kibana Dashboard Time-Range feature to specific dates as per User or Space.
In brief,
If A user Logs in he should be able to see data till 30 days, where B user can only search data for only 90 Days.

Please Help.
Regards Rohit

If you want to restrict a user to a specific time range, then you'll want to check out Document Level Security ("DLS"). This allows you to specify an Elasticsearch query to filter all searches performed by your users: https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/reference/current/field-and-document-access-control.html

cc @Larry_Gregory

Thanks @rashmi for your quick reply,

Is their any way to restrict/fix timerange on Dashboard

Regards Rohit

Unfortunately it's currently not possible to limit the time range a user can chose. If you would like to see such a feature in the future, please feel free to open an issue for that on GitHub.


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