I want to take the count of Top Hits Status

I am creating a Kibana report where I wanted to fetch Latest Results of Testcase Status.

As I understand,we dont have Top Hit available for String for any Graphical visualization like Piechart/Vertical Graph. So I thought utilizing Metric visualization to get the 'Top hit' result for my Testcase status at latest timestamp. But the problem is we dont have option available for doing 'counts' of 'TopHit'.

I also tried pasting my aggregation Query(DSL) in Filters for visualization but I believe filters doesnot parse aggregation queries.

Can anyone please suggest me a way to do that apart from creating a Index,as it is out of scope for me.


hi @Upasana_Gupta

Maybe you can try running a Terms-aggregation and calculate counts, but limit the results to size 1. Order in descending order by that count metric.

That will give you the top-hit and the count.

Something like:

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