IBM JAVA and Elasticsearch

I am trying to build Elasticsearch on the IBM mainframe, using IBM Java. Does anyone have an estimate on when the 1.7.0 release will be completed? I have had better luck with the master branch than the earlier releases. Also doesn't list a JIRA issue for the index corruption bug with IBM J9. Is there any update on that? Is the corruption still happening with current versions of J9? Should we open a JIRA issue to track the index corruption bug?

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Mike wrote a very nice article on Lucene and JVM bugs and there is a section dedicated to "IBM's J9 JDK joins the fun" which has a link to the list of outstanding issues in the IBM JDK which makes it not ready for prime-time from Lucene's point of view.

Hi, Any luck doing this? Are you trying to pull the data from the MF using logstash or another mechanism? We are trying to do the same thing. Thank you!

@jpmackl, you might be interested in my reply to the topic “Logstash for Mainframes”.

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