ICU and upgrading from 7.17.1 to 8.5

On the page for ICU (ICU Analysis Plugin | Elasticsearch Plugins and Integrations [8.5] | Elastic), there's a callout that says

ICU analysis and backwards compatibility

From time to time, the ICU library receives updates such as adding new characters and emojis, and improving collation (sort) orders. These changes may or may not affect search and sort orders, depending on which characters sets you are using."

I can see that the ICU version went from 62.1 to 68.2, but my eyes glazed over when reading through the release notes for 7 versions.

Practically, if we are using languages that existed in previous version of ICU and Unicode, and don't really care about novel characters, can we ignore this upgrade? Or will it likely bite us somewhere?


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I don't know specifics about ICU, but generally in Elasticsearch if you just ignore changes they will come back to bite you (eg types).

In your case I would definitely do a reindex of your data with the new analyser.

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