_id field limitations


When using the _bulk API its possible to index a document with _id which contains malformed url characters such as '' and white spaces.

Later if one tries to use the GET API and reference the document _id elastic returns

GET testindex/testindex/sometext\\some text
No handler found for uri [testindex/testindex/sometext\\some text] and method [GET]

If one tries to PUT a document to and index with such a document _id you get
PUT testindex/sometext\\some text

  "error": "Content-Type header [text/plain] is not supported",
  "status": 406

if one tries to PUT a document with '' characters
PUT textindex10/sometext\\sometext

No handler found for uri [/testindex/sometext//sometext] and method [PUT]

However using the query ids API, the document can be found using such an _id.

I could not find any Elastic documentation on _id field limitations...

The PUT testindex/sometext\\some text error message is unrelated.

It's just because you don't pass the Content-Type in your curl command IMO.

About the _id limitations, yes there are.
I "think" that if you URLEncode the id, that should be ok. Unsure though.

FWIW, I believe you should open an issue so we try to reject properly that case if needed.

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