I'd love an extra pair of eyes on my strategy to ween myself off the Fast Vector Highlighter

I think I've come up with a way to ween myself off of the Fast Vector


  • Doesn't need offsets in postings or term enums with offsets but can use
    either to speed itself up.
  • Can fragment like the Postings Highlighter, the Fast Vector Highlighter,
    or it can highlight the entire field.
  • Combine hits using multiple different fields (aka matched_field support).
  • Boost matches that appear early in the document.
    But id doesn't:
  • Respect phrase matches at all (all phrases are reduced to terms)
  • Support require_field_match

I'm not exactly sure when it'll be "ready" or what that even means. If
anyone has time I'd love to folks to give it a shot and/or review the code
for crazy.


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