Ideal CPU spec configuration for a 2 node and a 4 node cluster

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Hi, I am working on elasticsearch and I would want to scale up to an ideal setup for a 2 node or a 4 node cluster. Can someone please inform me about what should be the idea CPU configuration for:

2 Nodes:

  1. Both nodes would work as all roles (serve request and hold data).
  2. The nodes would have 5 shards and 1 replica.
  3. The nodes would be hosted as VM's on AWS

4 nodes:

In a dedicated hierarchical architecture:
1 Master node, 1 Coordinate only node and 2 data nodes.

What I want to know?

  1. What should be a ideal CPU specs (RAM? Cores? Disk?) for each of my nodes for each of the above mentioned configuration.
  2. How many requests per minute/second would my cluster be able to handle. For example what kind of an infra am I looking at if I have a throughput of 500, 1000 and 5000 requests in a second

I am using elasticsearch only for searching purposes. But it's quite an extensive search through

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That's not ideal, see

  1. Depends on what use case you are talking about
  2. See 1. Also, testing is the only thing that can definitively tell you this

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@warkolm I do understand about the minimum 3 master eligible nodes but as of this moment in scaling up i can only scale up to the two defined set ups. Would you be able to share the CPU specs for it? Like how much ram, cores should I go for to be able to set up a stable and fast searching engine.

I have roughly 10 million documents stored in 5 shards and 1 replica of each.

I am using elasticsearch for an autosuggest set up that means roughly 1000 requests would come in a second and the response times have to lower than 100ms preferably below 50ms. Currently on a single node I get a response time of around 86ms with 100 requests per second.

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Make all 3 nodes master eligible then :slight_smile:

Like I said, you need to test based on the SLAs you have defined.

Start with 4 CPUs, go from there.

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