Ideal number of shards for 2 node ES cluster

Could someone pls suggest me the number of shards and replicas for a 2 node elasticsearch cluster. Thank you!

I am fully aware that the ideal setup is of 3 nodes but I would like to try with 2 nodes first before moving ahead.

That typically depends on the use case and expected load, so please provide some additional details. Having one replica is however recommended so that both nodes hold a full copy of the data.

The log files I plan to analyse are mostly under 1gb per month, ~12gb per year, the files are constantly written to as well. Also i have 2 environments - dev and test each containing around 12-15 servers, so does the following make sense?
dev => primary on node1, replica on node2, test => primary on node2, replica on node1. So i will configure logstash to send logs to node1 for dev servers and node2 for test servers.

2 primary shard and 1 replicated (2 * 2 total) shard is enough.

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