Ideal way to create index for activity stream or newsfeed

I am trying to index the activity feed of a social portal am building. The portal allows users to follow each other to get updates from the people they follow as an activity feed sorted by date.

For example, user A will be following users B, C, D, E & F. So user A should see all the posts from B, C, D, E & F on his/her activity feed.

Let's assume the post consist of just two fields. 1. The text of the post. (text_field) 2. The name/UID of the user who posted it. (user_field)

Currently, I am creating an index for all the posts and indexing the text_field & user_field. In scale, there can be 1,000,000+ posts. A user may follow 100s if not 1000s of users. What will be the best way to create an index for this scenario?

Should I also index a person followers, so that its quickly looked up and then pass it to a second query for getting the posts of all those users sorted by date?
What is the best way to query the index consisting of all these posts, by passing the UID of all the users that are followed? Considering this may be in 100's or more.


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