If else in logstash throwin error

Below is my logstash configuration file

output {
  if "%{[fields][myvalue1]}" == "value" and "%{[fields][myvalue2]}" == "valu" {
    hosts => ["https://es1:9200","https://es2:9200","https://es3:9200"]
    ilm_enabled => true
    ilm_rollover_alias => "my_index"
    ilm_pattern => "{now/d}-00001"
    ilm_policy => "my_policy"
    user => "username"
    password => "mypassword"

I am hitting below error

Expected one of [ \\t\\r\\n], \"#\"

Erm... it seems you are missing the type of output in your config.


output {
    elasticsearch {
        hosts => "hostname"

Also in the 2nd comparison, you have a typo (valu instead of value).


The if need to be like this :

if [fields][myvalue1] == "value" and [fields][myvalue2] == "valu"

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