If fscrawler is stopped before finishing an index, when it restarts, will it start from the beginning?

. . . . or will it restart from where it was stopped?

The 'CLI options' of the fscrawler manual states that --restart restarts a job from scratch. This suggests that the default is to restart from where the fscrawler was stopped.

I have just noticed that although the Kibana Index Management 'docs count' has not changed since fscrawler was restarted, the storage size HAS increased, suggesting that files ARE being indexed.

Is there some way of causing the 'docs count' to refresh?

I think that if it did not finish entirely one run, it will restart from the beginning.

It has happened again, but this time look at the elasticsearch-head display
the docs count shows two numbers . . . . the static 4.3M and the updating 4.4M
This appears to be reflected in the two kibana screenshots showing a static count but increasing storage size.
May I assume that the index is being updated ?
Can you suggest how the kibana doc count may be brought back to life ?

what is the purpose/value of the two 'docs' values?

Hard to say. I did not use HEAD plugin for a long time.
I'd just trust:

GET index/_search?size=0

To get the current count of documents.

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