If I reboot my SAN, Elasticsearch cannot be connected

I have Synology NAS for my log management. I have also installed Kibana and Elasticsearch on Windows server and Logstash on other Windows box.

Whenever, I reboot it for firmware update or any other reason, Elasticsearch stops. ELK stack doesn't come back even I start the service. Then I stop the Kibana service and restart the website in IIS and start the Kibana service. It only works in this sequence.

Is there any specific reason for this mess or I have to live with and automate it?

What does the NAS have to do with ES?

I am using it as my backend storage by using this command in elasticsearch.yml

path.data: \\path\folder

Elasticsearch can't work without a hard disk. So if you disk fails, you must stop elasticsearch and restart.

But it will be safer to first stop elasticsearch and then update your firmware IMO.