If more than one filebeat instance started, how do the modules work?

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For some stupid reasons maybe I have to run more than one filebeat instance, if it is how do the modules work? Every instance will run one time for same files repeatedly? And how should i setup the config files?

Of course starting more instances is not a good solution but I have no better solution, because I have to send different logs which have different structures to different destinations. And I don't want to use logstash, because i just want to collect logs, obviously logstash is too heavy to do this work.

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When starting 2 instances, you want the to be isolated. This means:

  • separate config files/dirs
  • separate data directory -> separate registry file and meta.json

Filebeat inputs/modules can be configured within your config file or in separate directories. For modules/inputs you want to configure the same for both filebeat instances it is better to put them into a directory (See: Load external configuration files).

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