Multiple instance of Filebeat

How I can create multiple instance for filebeat 7.4.2. I am new to ELK kindly help.

What problem are you trying to resolve by doing this?

I want to fetch 2 separate logs through filebeat. So for apache logs I already enabled the filebeat module but for node logs I want to use the multiple filebeat instance as my elk setup is on another server. How do I setup the multiple filebeat for that. I want both the logs apache and node from same server.

You can collect both of those with a single instance.

Can you kindly provide any link or example for that?

If you've enabled the module, then you need to also configure a file input -

But I want data through logstash which is on another server. If I give input in filebeat then I have to give output through logstash for node logs and if I did that configuration then for apache logs I will not be able to enable the output through elasticsearch.

It might be worth following up on this thread - How I can fetch the apache and node logs through filebeat - rather than starting a new one with a different approach? :slight_smile:

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