If scrolling isn't recommended for user requests, what to use?

When a user needs to get all instances of a field matching /cars/123, I use search for retrieving the results with a maximum result of 10,000. I can see the number of hits easily exceeding ten thousand, so I've started looking into scroll. However, https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/reference/current/search-request-scroll.html mentions the following:

Scrolling is not intended for real time user requests, but rather for processing large amounts of data, e.g. in order to reindex the contents of one index into a new index with a different configuration.

If scrolling isn't recommended for user requests, then what should I use for get all the results? Is there another way to query without limiting the maximum number of results returned?

No, there isn't another way. Scrolling is probably the thing you want to use if you really want to do it. But you've found a thing that Elasticsearch doesn't like doing very much. To us, getting all the documents for a user request is a use case we barely support. We push people to use aggregations if they want to do things across many many documents because that is much faster.

Usually for a search use case you limit the depth you allow users to search. Like this or this. The last one actually uses Elasticsearch....