If Statement in Painless Script for Kibana's Bucket Script


Is there a good tutorial for using Painless Script in the Kibana's TSVB Bucket Script aggregation?

I'm trying to do a "if" condition, as follow:

If the value is less than 0, add 2^32.

How to do that?


hi @lamp123432
try read documentation - Statements | Painless Scripting Language [master] | Elastic

Thank for the link, but this seems to be very different than the painless scripting support in Kibana's Bucket Script aggregation.

I'm looking for a tutorial for doing stuff inside Kibana's TSVB Bucket Script aggregation, and it seems quite limited and different. I don;t want to see cURL and Elasticsearch tutorials, I want to see Kibana tutorials (point and click).

For example, one dashboard provided for Metricbeat by Elastic, there is a painless script line:

What does this mean? Where can I find a doc online to figure this out?

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