Ignore_malformed not operating in field?

Example mapping for a variable-type metric value:

"value": {
"ignore_above": 1024,
"type": "keyword",
"fields": {
"integer": {
"type": "integer",
"ignore_malformed": true
"float": {
"type": "float",
"ignore_malformed": true

Attempting to put this via logstash yields:

06:35:35.711 [[main]>worker0] WARN logstash.outputs.elasticsearch - Failed action. {:status=>400, :action=>["index", {:_id=>nil, :_index=>"metric-2017.03.23", :_type=>"metric", :_routing=>nil}, 2017-03-23T03:58:51.291Z %{host} %{message}], :response=>{"index"=>{"_index"=>"metric-2017.03.23", "_type"=>"metric", "_id"=>"AVr54Lp5MxsbdHINq-RJ", "status"=>400, "error"=>{"type"=>"mapper_parsing_exception", "reason"=>"failed to parse [value.integer]", "caused_by"=>{"type"=>"json_parse_exception", "reason"=>"Numeric value (37211860992) out of range of int\n at [Source: org.elasticsearch.common.bytes.BytesReference$MarkSupportingStreamInputWrapper@78c7e3aa; line: 1, column: 394]"}}}}}

It is my understanding that mapper_parsing_exceptions should NOT block documents from being indexed if ignore_malformed is applied. Is this not true?

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