"ignore_missing": true from geoip processor is not working

Hi Everyone,

I am using Elasticsearch 7.15, and python to ingest data into Elasticsearch.

Before I start the ingestion, I define a pipeline and a mapping. Everything works very smoothly without the geoip processor.
When I add the geoip processor, if it tries to process an empty field, an error is returned and the documents are rejected. I would expect the option "ignore_missing": true, to solve that issue, but it does not work.

The pipeline:

My_pipeline = """
            "date": {
                "field": "date-time",
                "formats": ["strict_date_optional_time","yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss.SSSZ"],
                "ignore_failure" : true
            "geoip" : {
                "field": "original-client-ip",
                "target_field": "original-client-ip.geo",
                "ignore_missing": true

The Mapping (simplified):

    "settings": {
        "index": {
            "default_pipeline": "My_pipeline",
            "number_of_shards": 1,  
            "number_of_replicas": 0
            <... removed fields for simplicity ... >
            "original-server-ip": {"type": "text", "fields": {"keyword": {"type": "keyword"}}},
            "location": {"type": "geo_point", "ignore_malformed": true}

The error:

Detail: ('276 document(s) failed to index.', [{
                'index': {
                    '_index': '<redacted>_messagetrackinglog',
                    '_type': '_doc',
                    '_id': None,
                    'status': 400,
                    'error': {
                        'type': 'illegal_argument_exception',
                        'reason': "'' is not an IP string literal."
                    'data': {
                        'date-time': '2021-10-05T15:00:26.249Z',
                        'client-ip': '',
                        'client-hostname': '',
                        'server-ip': '',
                        'server-hostname': '<redacted>',
                        'source-context': 'No suitable shadow servers',
                        'connector-id': '',
                        'source': 'SMTP',
                        'event-id': 'HAREDIRECTFAIL',
                        'internal-message-id': '101305393610752',
                        'message-id': '<c6726aaa<redacted>8c12335b5a@p<redacted>>',
                        'network-message-id': 'ed795896-2537-44bd<redacted>3e',
                        'recipient-address': '<redacted>@<redacted>',
                        'recipient-status': '',
                        'total-bytes': '13019',
                        'recipient-count': '1',
                        'related-recipient-address': '',
                        'reference': '',
                        'message-subject': 'Accepted: <redacted>',
                        'sender-address': '<redacted>@<redacted>',
                        'return-path': '<redacted>@<redacted>',
                        'message-info': '',
                        'directionality': 'Originating',
                        'tenant-id': '',
                        'original-client-ip': '',
                        'original-server-ip': '',
                        'custom-data': 'S:DeliveryPriority=Normal;S:AccountForest=<redacted>',
                        'transport-traffic-type': 'Email',
                        'log-id': 'ec996<redacted>dd40',
                        'schema-version': '15.01.2176.009'

I would like to underline, that without the geoip processor all the logs are ingested smoothly and that I would expect the "ignore_missing": true to address this exact issue of empty fields.

It there anything I am doing wrong or any suggestion?

I appreciate any help. Thanks.

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