ILM and curator

Hello All,

I have a few questions about snapshots and restoring snapshots. Please consider this scenario: if I have an elastic cluster deployed in a production environment and to reduce storage, I take snapshots for indices every week and store them in a backup server.

How does the restoring process occur?
Do I need to mount every backup directory and restore them manually?
Can a duplicate name issue appear during this process?
Can I use Curator to restore snapshots by aliases or by age filters?

Another part of the questions:

I created an ILM policy to move the data to the cold tier after a specific amount of time. Then I used Curator to move the indices from the cold tier to the frozen tier, but noticed that Curator only moved the indices that are not managed by the ILM policy. Is this correct?

My idea is that I want to move indices from the cold tier to the frozen tier, then take a snapshot of the indices in the frozen tier to a mounted directory, and then delete it using a Curator cron job. Is this possible?

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