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Need some help / advice with ILM. I set up ILM policy to move data to cold tier, after exact amount of days, but for some reason it did not trigger migrate action. I then started to experiment with ILM console commands, to try and manually move some data to cold but made it worse, for a moment policy changed to cold in 0ms and all the data was moved to cold. I now edited my policy the way I want but data is not going back to hot. Is it possible to somehow force it migrate back to hot from cold?

It'd be useful if you could please share your ILM policy and an explain on it so we can see what is happening.

Hello, ILM newbie here. ILM is designed to go only one way - from hotter to colder. It never goes back. I think its a safety feature.

If you want your indices moved from cold to hot, I see two largely independent things to handle

  1. Manually undoing changes to your index settings, e.g. to Index-level data tier allocation filtering | Elasticsearch Guide [8.2] | Elastic
  2. Changing the current phase in ILM - best way depends on your ILM policy.

Sorry for the late answer. Everything is fine now. Turns out date at the end of indice do not show actual picture and index age is different. Found an ILM API command to get actual index age and setting policy to lower one activated migrate.

You might want to set index.lifecycle.origination_date on your indices so ILM knows.
Kudoes go to ILM, creation_date and reindexing - #5 by dakrone

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