Moving indices back to ilm hot phase


Is it possible to change the rules of ilm , so that indices will get back to hot node?

For example, the original configuration was "move to warm storage after 5 days" , and we want to change it to 90 days.

Ideally after 90 days, the will move to warm nodes again.

I know I can change this setting, but I'm not sure what will happen after 90 days. Probably its not enough


Or maybe its better to remove using ilm/remove and apply a new policy?


The migrate phase only allows moving to warm or cold, so nope.

Interesting idea though, it might be worth raising a feature request on GitHub so we can gauge interest?

Thanks for the quick reply @warkolm , will do that.

So for achieving that, I'll have to remove the ilm, update the tier in the index setting to data_hot, and re-apply the ilm in the settings?

It'd be a "manual" process (in that it's API but not ILM), yes.

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