ILM Pattern suffix reach max count

I want to ask about ILM pattern count,
what will happen if the pattern reach 999999?
lets give an example I have :

then what happen if someday my index reached :

does the number reset or it increment to :


is there any answer from Elastic Team?

This is a community forum, so please be patient. It may take a few days to get a response, especially if your question is very specific and only a few people may know the answer.

While I do not know the answer, it sounds to me like a theoretical rather than practical question. If you assume rollover happens every hour, which is quite frequent, it would take 114 years to reach the maximum value. If you are rolling over indices much more frequently than that I would recommend you look at how you handle sharding as that to me would sound very suboptimal.

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sorry for the not being patient, I thought my question won't be answered,

but thanks for the answer, then I should change how I handle the sharding if the rollover is too frequent,

Thanks again

The whole point with rollover is to be able to achieve a suitable shard size in the face of fluctuating ingest volumes. You should avoid creating a lot of very small shards as this adds overhead and can cause performance and stability issues.

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