ILM policy implement for different enviornment

Hello All,

I want to know better way to implement lifecycle policy for diff env like(DEV,QA,PROD).

I have around 60 indices and lifecycle policy for different env would be different.
ex: DEV-90 days, PROD -30 days and QA -180 days.

Now I have all my indices in one folder and have defined policy called as mis-monitoring-common policy to be applied for all indices, this has 30 days of retention. Now DEV AND QA has lifecycle retention of 90 and 180 days. How will index template differentiate to follow which ENV policy is the confusion.(ilm policy is defined in tempate itself)

Do I need to create seperate folders like dev,qa and prod and put same indices in them all and then update the policy name accordingly, or indices name has to be also be changed according to enviornment?

Plz suggest something.

ex mis-log index has policy called mis-monitoring -policy and retention is:
Dev -5 days
So how would mis-log INDEX template understand which policy to be followed for diff env?

Plz suggest on this.


Here's a general approach:

Define a naming convention for your indices that includes the environment. For example, you could have indices like dev-mis-log, qa-mis-log, and prod-mis-log.

Create a separate index lifecycle management (ILM) policy for each environment. For example, you could have policies like dev-policy, qa-policy, and prod-policy, each with the appropriate retention period.

Create a separate index template for each environment. In each template, match the indices for the corresponding environment using the index_patterns setting, and apply the corresponding ILM policy using the setting.

Here's an example of how you can define an index template for the dev environment:

PUT _template/dev_template
  "index_patterns": ["dev-*"],
  "settings": {
    "": "dev-policy"

This template will match any index that starts with dev- and apply the dev-policy ILM policy to it.

You can create similar templates for the qa and prod environments. With this setup, each index will follow the ILM policy that corresponds to its environment, based on its name.

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