ILM Rotate on Midnight

Hi ES-Team!

Is there now a possability to rotate on a specific time of the day. The most ideal would be that my indices rotate on a dayli basis on MIDNIGHT. ref to Lifecycle Management rotate on a daily basis


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Does no one rotate on a daily basis? Really? What is the strategy in the community?

Is there no official documentation how to set rotation strategies to rotate on a specific time?

The whole point of using rollover is to allow indices to roll over based on size and/or age, which goes against specifying a time. If you want your indices to roll over at a specific time then set your index names accordingly and do not use rollover.

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@Christian_Dahlqvist ok i see. Thx. But can i use the deletion ILM function on indices not created with the rollover feature?

Yes, using rollover should be optional.

Thx, then i create it based on a template and only use the delete phase.

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