ILM, shrink index and aliases

Is there a way to get ES to retain aliases of indexes after the index has been shrunk during an ILM rollover. I use the aliases in the kibana discover indexes rather than index name patterns but the new shrunk indexes have lost their aliases

From the docs;

After the shrink action, any aliases that pointed to the source index point to the new shrunken index.

So you shouldn't see the aliases being removed at all?

That's what I expected.

A bit more digging and I think the issue is that it is a data stream, which does not allow aliases but when you create a kibana index pattern it lists the datastream name as an "alias"! which is confusing to say the least.

If you shrink an index which is part of the data stream the kibana index pattern no longer matches the shrunk index : (

I had to make a new index pattern which is ugly

AFAIK that shouldn't be the case with datastreams, it should be able to handle that. I'll add the datastreams tag and see if one of the eng folk from that team can comment,

BTW I just realised that I first noticed this after upgrading to 7.14.0!

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