ILM Timing Documentation Incorrect

In the documentation about the min_age field used by all ILM phases, it states that the default value is always 0. However, Kibana won't let you set min_age to 0 for the delete phase. It says 1 is the minimum value. How can min_age default to 0 for the delete phase if the lowest allowed value is 1?

It wouldn't make any sense to allow a 0 value in the Delete Phase.

Think about it.

What if you disable rollover on Hot, Warm and Cold phases and then put 0 as value of the Delete phase? It would mean you delete the index as soon as it's created. Which makes no sense.

What is the goal you're trying to achieve?

TLDR: I agree with you and am trying to confirm that the docs are wrong (versus this being a bug with Kibana's GUI)

Full answer: Ha! I actually super agree with you. Basically, we have a very small amount of disk space and are having a problem with our filebeat indices filling it up too fast. We're in the brainstorming phase, and one of the suggestions that is being investigated was exactly that: put a size limit on the hot phase and when it is reached, blow away all the logs. Of course, that would be way, way, way less than ideal since there would be periods of time where we literally would have zero, or very little logs. Personally I would prefer to have a small sliding window so at least we have logs consistently.

This sounds like a bug in the UI. Could you open an issue at for this please?

Yeah sounds good

Issue created:

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