Image comparaison in ES

i can diplay image texte in kibana using fscrawler and teseract, but now i want to compare images and serach if a part in an image appears in the indexed images (like comparaison); is there any way to do that

I think I answered already here: Image recognition in kibana and ES

Could you please keep your similar question in a single thread instead of opening so many times the same question again and again?

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i try the commande bin/plugin -install com.github.kzwang/elasticsearch-image/1.2.0
but i givees me error : bash: bin / plugin: No file or folder of this type
i am using es 6.7 and kibana a,d fscrawler

As you probably noticed in the readme this plugin has not been updated for a long time.
You need to ask the author.

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