Image Display Size in Kibana

Hi All,

I have a Kibana dashboard I built which displays social media posts and I have two questions I am hoping to get kelp on as I have been unable to figure it out.

  1. I currently display images associated with the posts using the{{url}} set in the imageURL field. This displays the full size image. Is there a way to set the size in this string to display a thumbnail image?

  2. For posts that have no image associated with it the string is still displayed. Is there a way to eliminate this and just have it blank if no image is associated with the post?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Both features are not currently implemented in Kibana.

There is an open enhancement issue for setting the image display size. Please feel free to commit on this issue with your use case, providing sample images, how they get displayed now, and how you would ideally like to be able to display them.

Please create a new issue for your second request of not displaying the string when the field is not provided.


Hi Nathan,

Thanks for the info.

I will add/create issues for the above mentioned items.

Much appreciated.


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