Image recognition issue on elastic search


We have used elastic search apis for image recognition purpose.

There are a set of images data from AWS Image Recognition and saved in ElasticSearch.

The image with frame was in ElasticSearch.

I am using the second image (Some cropped) to search the image existance in Elastic Search. I am getting the result but the Original Match image was not on top of the list. Some random image from ElasticSearch data is coming on Top.

Can some one help me why it is not showing on top?

We have used node js for elastic search api calls

Please see my code...

const searchResult = await{
index: "imagesearch",
type: "image",
body: {
size: 3,
query: {
match: {
label: {
query: LabellistString,

Note: Based on image labels we searching the images on elastic search

For someone to be able to help here you probably need to show what the two documents look like, the mappings used as well as the query. It is also always good to know which version of Elasticsearch you are using.

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