Images and Coupons disappear

When I have ES enabled and I upload an image for a post... then navigate away from the page and then back... and look again in the Media Library... the images are not visible. If I turn off ES, there they are.

Ditto when I import Coupons into Woocommerce. The coupons don't appear at all until I turn off ES.

This doesn't sound like it has anything to do with ES. What page are you talking about here, what media library?

The Wordpress Media Library.

And the reason I say it has to do with ES is that once I disable ES, the images appear, and the problem does not recur.

I'd suggest you ask on the Wordpress forums/list, it still doesn't sound related to ES.

I have asked in the WP forums and, since the problem ONLY occurs when ES is enabled, they pointed me here.

It seems that ES is not properly indexing/re-indexing the tables related to the imported coupons/images.

You need to get in contact with whoever wrote the Elasticsearch plugin for Wordpress that you are using; this is not a plugin that we know about.

If you are seeing weird behaviour with it, the author(s) would be the best people to address it with.