Import data from MSSQL

Hi everyone,

I am new to ElasticSearch and I struggle to achieve some stuff. Can you please help me, I have this case :

  • MSSQL servers,
  • a windows server running the servers and logstash continuously,
  • ElasticSearch and kibana running on cloud.
  • many sensors updating their value in the database (literally UPDATE 2 lines in db)
  • Logstash is running continuously using :sql_last_value (

Now my question comes more about the architecture. Can you please help me with the non-working cases ?

  • I have a lot of one-to-many tables where I can’t use sql_last_value.
  • I only do updates on sensors values so I can’t have the whole statistic.
    Is there a way to set up a continuous import for those two cases ? Usually what is the best way to continuously import data to ElasticSearch ?
    Has anyone achieved that before ?


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