Import data (table) from Oracle to ES

Hi All,

I am an Oracle developer. We have a requirement to pump in data from Oracle tables to ES and subsequently route to Angular JS for reporting purposes.

While I am totally new, to this technology, I have read about JDBC river (which will be obsolete soon), Logstash and RabbitMQ frameworks. All of these are very new to my understanding.
Need experts help to choose the best and easy to play with framework to import data from Oracle DB into ES.


JDBC River has been replaced a long time ago by elasticsearch-jdbc. See

You can use this project or Logstash if you have flat data.
But I prefer modifying if possible the application which creates data into the Database as I explained in

Thanks David. Modifying the application which creates data is not a feasible option as the upstream application is owned by a different track and we have read only access.

Could you please throw more light on how Logstash can be used to import data from Oracle. I have gone through couple of sites on the net but I feel, it is not as straightforward as the Data import handler in Solr or may be it's my perception.

As i am new to this, I am excited to explore but the limited options available online and not so straightforward oracle integration available on the net is hampering my progress. Any leads would be appreciated.

For the time being, I plan to have a POC implemented in my local machine (Windows OS). I have accessing the Oracle DB server (remote enterprise) which hosts ERP data.


You can read to get more information.

Thanks David. How about RabbitMQ? Heard it is equipped with the below plugin.


I don't know this plugin but if you have data in rabbitmq you can use logstash to read it.

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