Import Kibana APM Visualizations

Initially, after setting up ES, Kibana, and APM, there were visualizations for APM - these objects were automatically imported when setting up APM. I then upgraded to 7.2.0 (both times OSS), and by mistake deleted these visualization objects. By the looks of it these are the objects: - but I'm not able to import these objects, it says:

Sorry, there was an error The file could not be processed.

Another error that pops up is:

Saved object is missing Could not locate that dashboard (id: 8d3ed660-7828-11e7-8c47-65b845b5cfb3)

What am I missing? Is there a repo somewhere of the default APM visualization objects, and some way to restore or install these?

All those visualizations have been implemented in a single app, the APM app. So if you have your data in the cluster, just open the APM app and you should see it there.

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